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Nine Patch Double Flat Spinner on point over a 2x2” four patch set on the square with antique/restoration chandelier glass/crystal drop. Each of these made to order spinners feature a swivel soldered on the top and in the middle for maximum movement. Soldered under the two patch is a chandelier drop that is either thrifted from an antique or restored shop. No big chain drops here! Due to the randomness of her being able to find the drops, there can be no picking & choosing on the exact size & style of the drops as well as the composition of them, meaning your spinner might have a lovely molded antique glass or cut crystal drop.


You must choose TWO colors to place your order. All glass is hand picked by Erika according to your color requests using what available glass she has in stock. Exact color tones, brightness, textures & opacities may vary depending on what she has in stock at the time of the order. Specific requests will only be honored via private/custom orders.

Nine Patch Double Flat Spinner

1st Color
2nd Color
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