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NEW ITEM! Pride Nine Patch Pendant! Each of these kiln fired gems take 14+ hours to fire and are just so sparkly! Slide it on a collie or chain and wear it with your favorite outfit, OR, put it on a fun ribbon and use it for a rear view window ornament!


Choose from the traditional 1 1/2" square pendant the baby pendant size of 1 1/4” square.


Please note that these pendants do NOT include a chain. These are Erika’s smallest/hardest cuts for her to make so please know that shipping could be delayed on your order .. but hopefully not!


All glass is hand picked and cut by Erika with what available glass she has in stock. Exact color tones, brightness, textures & opacities may vary depending on what she has in stock at the time of the order. Specific requests will only be honored via private/custom orders.

Fused Pride Pendant

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