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Aprox 8x8” Block: Pinwheel

CUSTOMIZABLE COLORS. Choose your own colors to represent the cancer you wish to make an homage too. (Unfortunately there are hundreds of types of cancers known, so if you don’t she the one you want represented here, simply place an order for any color and leave your desired cancer/color in the description area when you check out)

4 clear corner bevels.

Calico Glass: Clear glass with cancer ribbons with heart accents in white paint.

16 PCs Silver chain/solder.

All blocks are made to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

8x8” Cancer Pinwheel

  • Clean with NON-ammonia glass cleaner only. Follow with any brand of Carnauba style car wax/polish as per manufacturers directions 1-2 times per year or before storing.

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