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NEW ITEM! Aprox 4x4" FUSED Ninepatch Shallow Bowl. Each of these twice kiln fired gems take 14+ hours per fire to create the perfect little shallow bowl. Use them for your keys, some table snacks or your pocket items! No matter what , this little customizable gem is perfect for gift giving or simply keep it for yourself.


BONUS! This bowl also comes with the option to be smooth on the back for a simple glossy shine to the front, OR you can opt for the bowl to be slumped in a flowery impresion mold giving it the sweet flower & leaf look! The choice is yours!


You must choose TWO colors to place your order. All glass is hand picked by Erika according to your color requests using what available glass she has in stock. Exact color tones, brightness, textures & opacities may vary depending on what she has in stock at the time of the order. Specific requests will only be honored via private/custom orders. These bowls take a double firing in the kiln meaning they take no less than 30 hours of "cooking" time each ... rush orders are not encouraged.

4x4" Fused Ninepatch Shallow Bowl

1st Color
2nd Color
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