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NEW ITEM! Aprox 1/2” Square Stud Earrings! Choose either a solid Cornerstone design or the classic Half Square Triangle look. Pair them up with your favorite glass pendant or wear them alone. Either way, these are a fun little addition to your jewelry box for all the fellow quilters! Each of these kiln fired gems take 14+ hours to fire and are just so sparkly! This little customizable gem is perfect for gift giving to your favorite quilter, or, keep them for yourselves!


Studs are sterling silver posts & backs. The cingle Cornerstone Earrings are one solid layer of fire polished glass while the HSTs are two half inch triangles tack-fused on a clear glass base resulting in a slightly thicker, but oh so sweet look.


*Earrinngs are shown with optional pendants for scale & combination considerations.



You must choose TWO colors to place your order. All glass is hand picked by Erika according to your color requests using what available glass she has in stock. Exact color tones, brightness, textures & opacities may vary depending on what she has in stock at the time of the order. Specific requests will only be honored via private/custom orders.

1/2” Stud Earrings

1st Color
2nd Color
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